About Bijbehara

About Bijbehara

When planning a vacation to Jammu and Kashmir, there are a number of locations that you should take into consideration. Out of all the location you narrow down, there might be a few that have witnessed violence in recent years. Such facts should not deter you from enjoying the wonders that the locations have to offer. Tourism in Kashmir is quite safe, contrary to beliefs.

Since there are so many destinations in Kashmir to visit and cherish it is hard to cover them all at a go. No matter how many trips you make to soak in Kashmir be sure to visit Bijbehara at least during one of your trips to Kashmir. The ancient city of Bijbehara was earlier known as Vijeshwara. Today the town holds great importance to Hindu religion and offers tourists from around the world a stunning location for their holidays in Kashmir.

History of Bijbehara

The area has been inhabited for hundreds of years. The oldest Chinar tree in the Indian subcontinent is located in the Padshahi Bagh. A 100 yard long bridge used to join the banks of the Jhelum River at Bijbehara. The bridge was built under the orders of the Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh. Due to a flood the bridge no longer exists for visitors to view. Apart from being a picturesque town, it was a seat of learning and knowledge. University that was started in Bajbehara rivaled the education standards of Taxila and Nalanda. Such was the significance of the town that Guru Nanak himself has visited the town and the town is mentioned in a large variety of texts.

Apart from the historical facts there are many mythological stories related to Vijeshwara. It is believed that when Lord Shiva slayed the demon Jaladbow Asura, a part of the Charkra (weapon) had fallen off. The fallen piece created the valley that is today cherished as the Bijbehara region. There are various temples located in and around the town. This is what still draws pilgrims to the area.

Geography and Climate of Bijbehara

45 kilometres from Srinagar in the district of Anantnag is the ancient town of Bijbehara. It is situated on the left bank of the Jhelum River. Altitude of the town is 1591 meters above the sea level. Four plateaus surround the town on the three sides that are not adjacent to the Jhelum River. The town of Bijbehara or Vijeshwara has remained in the same location for hundreds of years.

The climate of Bijbehara is mainly chilly and it seems to remain the same during the entire year. It is seen that the temperature falls significantly during the November to January where during the day time the temperature is about 0°C to 10°C but during the night time it falls down to minus zero. Thus in case you are looking to visit this place then you must carry some woollen cloths with you. Even during the summer time, the temperature does not increase much i,e, maximum from 8°C to 15°C.

Bijbehara Tourism

There are myriad tourist spots in this town. So in case you are looking for some good places to visit then you have come to the right place. When you are in Bijbehara there are a large number of Hindu temples that are worth a visit. This is because most of the temples in the Maraz region of Kashmir are primarily located within or around the Bijbehara town. The Vijeshwar temple is a must-visit temple in Bijbehara. Dara Shikoh Garden is also worth mentioning. The Jhelum River separates the Dara Shikoh Garden from Padshahi Garden. The river of Jhelum is extended over by the “Padshahi Bag Bridge” which links the 2 gardens. There is also a renowned Gurudwara in Bijbehara which is known as the “Sri Guru Nanak Pehli Padshahi” Guruswara.

Shopping in Bijbehara

When you are visiting the city for the first time then along with the various tourist places you also look to make sure to buy something from this beautiful place as well. And in order to do that you may be looking for some good shopping places, speaking of shopping places Sadar Bazaar can be a great option for you. This is the main shopping hub of the town where you can find a lot of shops and many small cafes where you can sit and enjoy the outside view. Saleem book house, Jhelum Book Stall, Valley book shop and Brilliant book shops are some famous book shops located in Sadar Bazaar. Lucky Furnishing, Aashiq Ahmad Ganie and Hi Fi Technologies are some famous furniture dealers in Bijbehara. For footwear shopping Apex footwear and Abid Footwear are some renowned shops in Bijbehara located on the National Highway.

Food in Bijbehara

In case you are a food lover then this town is not going to disappoint you as there are numerous fast food centres and numerous restaurants that can easily fulfil your fetish for good food. Some of the well known food places are cafe Ravi view for their awesome coffee, Hot and chilli which is a famous Chinese restaurant. Friends Plaza restaurant is a renowned restaurant located near the Dara Shikoh Bag in Bijbehara. Chinar Restaurant in Bijbehara is also worth mentioning. Bismillah Bakery and Confectionery is a prominent bakery shop in Bijbehara which is located in the Sadar Bazaar on the Pahalgam road.

Transport in Bijbehara

Transports facilities in this town are quite good as there are numerous buses and auto services available in the city to commute from one place to another. So if you are a visitor you will not have much difficulty to travel from one place to other as taxis, plenty of private buses or State buses are there to guide you throughout the city.

Even this city is well connected with the numerous major cities in India so in case you are looking for some train routes then also the city is well connected via train lines. The Bijbehara rail head is located near Hassanpora in distt. Anantnag, J&K, which is the main railway station of the town.

This city does not have any air port; the nearest air port is Srinagar airport which is about 142 km away from the main town.

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